Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

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**If you are a current employer with an existing account, please log in using your email address and current password. Or, you can request a new password using the “forgot password” feature.

How do I purchase job postings?

You must have an account before you can purchase job postings.  Log in to your account and click “purchase a job posting”.  You can purchase single postings for $35 + HST.  If you will be posting multiple postings, you can reduce your costs by buying multiple job postings.  You do not need to use the purchases immediately, unused purchase will remain in your account for future use.

How can I pay for my job postings?

We accept VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.  Your payment will be processed through Moneris.  We do not store any credit card information on this site or for our records.

How do I post a job?

  1. From the main page (HOME) – click “post a job” at the bottom left (in the picture) or click on “post a job” from the employers right hand menu.
  2. Click the words “sign in” and log into your account if you are  not already logged in
  3. Fill in the information as requested for the job posting
  4. Once you are done, click “review posting”.  If you have missed any information, it will highlight those fields in red.  If you have completed everything, it will take you to review what your job posting will look like.
  5. You can either edit your post (by clicking “edit post” or you can continue in the process by clicking “choose a package”
  6. Here you can choose one of your purchased job posting credits
  7. Hit submit and it will be posted.

How long does a job posting remain active?

Posts remain active for 31 days.  they will be removed automatically at that time.

How can I deactivate a job posting before it expires?

Go into your account.  Go to your Job Postings list. Hover your mouse over the title of the job posting you want to deactivate and click “Mark filled”

How do I renew or extend a job posting?

You can extend a job posting by re-activating the post using another purchased job posting.  Log into your account. Go to “Employers Job Postings” .  Hover your mouse over the title of the job posting  you want to re-activate and click “duplicate”or “relist”.  You can then edit and post this “new” job.

How do I edit a job posting?

Log into your account. Go to “Employers Job Postings” .  Hover your mouse over the title of the job posting  you want to edit.  Click “Edit” and you will be able to edit your listing.

How do I print an expired job posting?

Log into your account.  Go to “Employers Job Postings”.  Choose “relist” on the expired job posting.  Click “Review Posting”.  Here you have the option to print.  Do not click “Choose a package” if you do not want to relist this posting.  If this does not work, then use the print function of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) to print the page.

How can I see how many job postings I still have available?

Log in to your account.  If you have any job postings still available they will be listed under “Employer Account”

Who is CCRW?

CCRW is the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work.  We are a national charity devoted to the employment of persons with disabilities.  We support job seekers with disabilities, employees with disabilities and employers who hire persons with disabilities.  We offer employment programs across the country which match qualified candidates with employers.  We offer job accommodation support for employers who have employees with disabilities or injuries.

How do I contact you?