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Job Posting

12347270 Health Division of the Robotics Centre

Description: NOC Code: 1123

I am currently in need to hire a sales associate and company representative who
speaks fluent Arabic and has sales and work experience from Egypt. We are
rapidly expanding our operations and have recently received strong interest from Cairo to purchase our Canadian PPE and Ozone application device. Since we are producing and developing in Canada and then exporting to Egypt, I would be
highly interested in hiring an experienced Technology oriented Sales associate and Liason between Canada and Egypt.


The Specialists will perform some or all of the following duties:

Assess characteristics of products or services to be promoted and advise on the advertising needs of our establishment.

Advise clients on advertising or sales promotion strategies.

Develop and implement advertising campaigns appropriate for print or electronic media.

Gather, research and prepare communications material for internal and external audiences.

Develop, implement and evaluate communications strategies and programs designed to inform clients, employees and the general public of initiatives and policies of businesses, governments and other organizations.

Conduct public opinion and attitude surveys to identify the interests and concerns of key groups served by our organization.

Prepare or oversee preparation of reports, briefs, bibliographies, speeches, presentations, Web sites and press releases.

Develop and organize workshops, meetings, ceremonies and other events for publicity, fundraising and information purposes.

Prepare and deliver educational and publicity programs and informational materials to increase awareness of our products.

Initiate and maintain contact with the media in both Canada and Egypt.

Arrange interviews and news conferences between our International client.

Act as spokesperson for our organization and answer written and oral inquiries in both English and Arabic.

Co-ordinate special publicity events and promotions for internal and external audiences in both Canada and Egypt.

Assist in the preparation of brochures, reports, newsletters and other material in the languages required.

Represent and act as an agent for talented individuals or individuals with specific occupational expertise.

Prepare or oversee contracts.


Employment requirements

A university degree or college diploma in business marketing, computer science, public relations, communications is required.

Fluent in the English and Arabic language, written and spoken.

Job Posting Start Date: 2021-03-23

To apply for this job email your details to