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Job Posting
  • Full Time
  • Foxboro

Rua Meats Limited

Description: NOC Code: 9462

Industrial Butcher

Employer: Rua Meats Limited

Nature of Employment: We are presently looking to fill two (2) permanent, full-time positions at our government certified meat processing abattoir located at 275 Frankford Road, Foxboro, Ontario, K0K 2B0.

Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary: $18.00 per hour

Benefits: 4% vacation pay.

Job Summary:

The industrial butcher is responsible for slaughtering livestock, processing carcasses, and ensuring that meat cuts are prepared in accordance with assigned specifications, yield requirements and customer needs.

Job duties:

Roles and responsibilities

· Stun livestock using stunning devices;

· Slaughter livestock in accordance with industry practices and governmental standards;

· Clean and skin livestock carcasses prior to further processing;

· Remove bones, viscera and inedible parts from carcasses;

· Trim and cut carcasses into sides, quarters, or primal cuts for additional processing or packaging

· Prepare customized cuts as per customer needs;

· Maintain and sharpen knives and other cutting tools;

· Abide by sanitation standards, food safety guidelines, and other industry practices to prevent meat contamination; and

· Follow all governmental safety protocols and company safety guidelines during work shifts.


Minimum Skills Requirement:

· There is no educational requirement.

· Prior experience working in meat processing roles (i.e. butcher, meat cutter or trimmer, etc.) is preferred.

· If required, on-the job training will be provided to selected candidates.


Please apply by email at with resume


To apply for this job email your details to